Triology of emotion, Trigger and Action

This triology of concepts are more inter-related than three leaves of same stem. There are enormous amount of study going on these subjects which depict human behavior and advances human psychology. We are afraid to understand our vulnerability and that's why we prone to fail under the automatic cycle of emotions, thoughts and actions. There's no specific place to start, Its a recurring loop of life , which can only be exited only after realising that you are in a loop. More like the matrix of unconscious brain.........

This exit that you need from your unconscious leading the steering of your life is later to be discussed.

The inter-relatability of ETA.

You must've experienced sometimes the mood to not go out or not get out of bed so early, and then you follow that momentary mood. What actually happened is that your brain triggered a thought of not going out and roofied you with pleasure of not doing the needed task, which in turn released hormones like dopamine to calm you down and reinforce that though until you settle for what your subconscious dictated you to do. All the shit around mood and do what your heart says is an effect of hormonal rush induced from that thought of anti-work nature. The art of doing nothing is the state of being useless. People promote their delaying nature in the name of work/life balance and only make themselves feel validated among the people who also share the same theory for procrastination. As very well quoted by Paul Graham, that people who don't excuse know that there is a dash in work-life balance not a slash (work/life; implying that work is a different than life nota part of it.) Well this subject is not about productivity at core, but to reveal the mental state of a normal human being living unknowingly as a slave of its own brain.

The trigger and the response/reaction and the action Life is flawed and full of chaos, but that's what gives meaning to it, If you are not doing anything, why do you even exist!! Consider a spoiled rich kid and a poor brilliant kid, both have their own set of issues to deal with. But both thinks that their problems in life are bigger than the other one. One has desire to be financially free, but spoiled one seek want to become better version of himself/herself. Both of 'em will face hurdles but only one who will get out of this automation mechanism that is driving them to nowhere, can turn the desire into reality.

You woke up in the morning with high energy and good spirits to checklist your to-dos for the day and your internet goes off. Now this little black swan event occured to disrupt your planning, and how will you react or respond to this unprecedented event will determine your follow-up action whcih in-turn trigger a new bucket of emotion associated with your chosen task, and then the hormonal rush will invoke cluster of thoughts to bind from doing something that you didn't plan for and will suggest you something to get a quick dopamine shot. And this is usually provided by social media and digital garbage feeding. And by the time internet is back, you are hooked into quick dopamine infinite pools. It happens in a blink of eye if you've never restrained yourself from accessing social media before. This whole reiteration of events are the by-products of callbacks from emotions, thoughts and actions.

What you do is What you feel is What you think is What you do is What you think ............

Only way out

The only way out of this recursive slavery from your mind is to build a plan backed by actions. Only way out is the (blue pill, in case of Neo) , ACTION, Take action to trigger new thoughts associated with it which will trigger certain emotional fluctuations and vibrations to comprehend with this new thought and release adrenaline, Feel that high but re-feed yourself with the same set of actions so that the new emotions welcome new thoughts and accept the control you are building via your actions.

But not everyone got out of the matrix and not everyone wanted to, because its hard out there. The same analogy works here, Its hard to live life led by actions rather than thoughts or emotions. So only who realise and wanted to capture the world in their own authentic perspective strive to build action driven life.