A tale of turec

A planet called Turec existed almost a million years ago, 1/20th in size of Earth, the same meteor shower experienced, but the big chunk of dinosaurs sustained to live in an isolated part like any Jurassic movie these days. As civilization grew and sailed for exploring more parts of Turec, they also got to know about the existence of Dinos. What they discovered was astonishing and terrifying. A group of people did a lot of surveys to predict the species population that might still be unknown to them. After a decade of work in these uninhabited lands, they found a trace of evolution in the dinosaurs, They were getting more advanced, more collaborative, and very tactical in survival events of life. Such thorough research was done and published to the civilization living in isolation from the bizarre creatures. The continuous evolution and know facts about dinos' lifetime were weekly published in the areas of development as what they were saying. Many of the youth began to grow interested in the lives and facts of the giant creatures. Kids were building plans to grow and continue research in this field, some were interested to fight with the big creatures.

As Population grew in various portions of land, certain cultures began to appear on the map of the Turec. The divine seekers, the rationals, the inhibitors, the self-proclaimed leaders, the arrogant beings, the greedy beings, the magnates, and the sovereigns. But the common denominator was the importance of value. The whole culture actually revolves around value. Everybody wanted to do something valuable and they naturally realized that there is VALUE associated with DINOSAURS. So the whole bunch of innovations was there: the devices to continue research, a printing machine to publish research revelations to the people of Turec, the preconceived theories and stories about their existence and dinosaurs' role, some began to worship the creatures. Their intellect began to outgrew them when someone objects to the evolution of dinosaurs. There wasn't much discussion about the possibility of a potential threat from the dinosaurs. After all, it is clear from day 1, they are carnivores. Such objections were opposed by a lot of people who worshipped the demiDinoGod, the whole civilization started panicking, The progression curve came to a plateau followed by a fall. And it was not saturation, it was heading down. The meaning of living with realization, that their mere existence is waiting upon the tick of evolution of dinosaurs. And they can end it in a jiffy. Such dreadful thoughts lived in the minds of children, teenagers, young, adult, and old. They started living under basic means and ended their exploration.

Such beliefs were so diluted in the air that no one dares to think about tomorrow, the environment was full of hopelessness and no meaning. And very few people who were aspirational about the future were continuously breathing hope in the air. But they were not able to persuade anyone into believing in optimism.

They were even opposed by many, but they continued their belief. They started investing their time in influencing the youth and child by supplying recent updates in the research and slowly isolating their interest into only the global issue of planet Turec: "The awakening dinosaurs". With time, a major part of civilization addressed the issue as hell of a problem. And decide to left the bunkers of inactivity and hopelessness. They decided to avenge the life of no fear. Even then, some isolated themselves and continued to live with a non-directional flow of life.
As history was becoming rich with possible theories of awaited doomsday, it was also getting inked with the work of the movers, who really moved out for the solutions to avoid the inevitable. As the movers grew smarter after years of exploration and evolution, they began to develop a sound mind for avenging the threat. Certain research and developments were enforced by administrations and governments who were elected by the movers to conduct smooth and undisturbed R&D. The whole defense and offense systems were designed and built over a century.

Dinosaurs evolve, got out of their habitat, and attacked, Wiped a great portion of civilization, but were limited to a portion of Turec planet. But ongoing developments of weapons weren't completed back then or weren't much effective against the giants. The rational doers were aware of the damage it can havoc to civilization. But they acted with tremendous energy and advanced the situation to the people of Turec. Every person on the planet began to talk about the situation, Those living far off from the danger were acting like casual lunatics, but within a week there were people coming to the government and suggesting ideas to face dinosaurs, to join the army, to fight for the security and betterment of their people. Just like we have border security forces. And then innovation happened, people were building weapons, laser weapons, tanks, and much more, because it was a natural reaction to the danger of survival is to eliminate the threat. Decades passed and the people of Turec became the prime hunter of Dinosaurs laced with high-tech weapons.

This whole pursuit towards the action and fight against denial over fear gave rise to such a big economy that this Earth can never imagine. There were no nations of trade but communities of actions, the ones who lived in an impression of inevitable doomsday. and the one who challenged the control of fear. The decision to not be driven by fear generated a sense of purpose towards defeating that fear. The denial of obvious compromise to the situation.

But now again the direction of life was lost, they had no motivation to pursue the research against Dinosaurs. One day, they ended the last dinosaur from the face of Turec. and within a decade the planet was again, exploring in areas of astronomy, evolutionary biology, physiology, anatomy, and microbiology. They were searching for some dinosaurs that could potentially end their existence. or they were of exploratory nature. Civilization evolves when they explore because it's their nature. They sustain when they reform and work for a better life.

So, the movers were right or the crowd that inevitably ceased to exist out of inactivity as they had no purpose to live. Do the real work, Eliminate the threat of extinction, Irrelevance is a form of extinction.