Loads of Options : The new noise

It is very much the practice and a trend to try every field that interests you. And it is also backed by successful people like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and many others that do have a passion for what you do. It is the obvious reality and quite a clear path to follow. And as much as the popularity of this lifestyle is spread, there is an unwanted effect that has grown into the lives of less privileged and mentorless fellows. The number of options that are available to one is quite a lot, and it can't be helped. The boom of the internet has brought alternatives into the lives of people making it easier and less tense among peers. The white or black solution has now been converted into one of the many shades of grey. There is an abundance of solutions for a petty problem, and none for unique ones. This has quite to do with the fact that there is lesser scope of understanding of individualistic empathy, hence we see the classification of problems into one of many sections. This has been really a downgrade way of optimizing our lives.

One may see it as a contradiction of a wonderful approach to helping someone out. That is the harsh reality around it. A lot of anything becomes noise and thus hinders our approach effectively to deal with the situation. One has to configure the whole mindset for the unique trouble and develop that suitable plan for coping with that individualism that the trouble holds. Our general acceptance of a solution to any particular problem may resolve it, but might also be unable to provide satisfactory fulfillment. Every situation in life needs to be addressed properly and only then you can get on with the lives in a better way.

Learning is the most influenced field by this new noise as we discuss growth in our lives. The trajectory of learning is very destabilized by the availability and access of loads of options and data and mentors and so much more. Even when you search for some topic/ skills, the results are filled with no. of ways and no. of course to approach the learning itself. And the abundance of content makes it more challenging. Even the crux of concept is the same, but we are left with a number of teaching styles to choose from because it has its own variants like duration of course , accent of the instructor, and yes, the feedback of previous users. This has never been harder for a person to choose. even before starting out the learning process. The FOMO secure its place in the decisiveness of the individual and that really has been exploited as well by the advertisement and promotional agencies. It's their job though.

MY CONTRIBUTION It's harder for me to assimilate a solution for this noise as I may also end up contributing to it. But as I wrote about this topic, I may like to propose my approach to it.

Be very careful of your time from search to execution, one should be monitoring his/her time expenditure, unless one may end up in the places of zero productivity and high busyness. Approaching a problem should be initiated from the ground way up to the internet. Interact in your surroundings first, connections then, and then you can think about diving into an endless pool of solutions. Prioritise the damn interests beforehand and do not run behind every hot trend.