How to be Creative

Here's the truth, anyone can produce top-level creative works if he/she put efforts into waking up the creative monster that lies under loads of societal judgment and self-doubt. What triggers the monster within you to unleash its potential is not a big smash on the head, but an array of atomic efforts. It's about an awakening of the senses, an increment in your observing power, and a great degree of flight in your imagination. What's really smart, we often confuse it with craziness and follow end up following what's heavy, serious, and drowning. Creative piece of art amaze us, it lights up the heart and soul, we feel flabbergasted. When I see a piece of beauty, it puts me into critical thinking about the topic, as it has never been revealed in such a unique yet obvious way.

As far as the genre of creativity is concerned, there is no particular path to begin your creative journey. I'll be sharing the insights I have learned in becoming a little less specific and a bit more crazy. These are the points I called

Build a Pool of Interesting domains It has been a very effective tool in my creative journey, Having a diversified pool of interest has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided me a lot of ideas to write and build about. It has also increased the boundaries of my intellect, connections, and ability to build cross-domain relations. With an eye for one particular solution, you can draw insights from various distinct fields, contributing to the greater efficiency of your solution. It broadens your perspective and might help you understand the underlying process of many events. To begin with, you can add a team sport activity to your routine. Be proactive to the experience and compare the usual past, sudden pop of realization/ideas that you can produce in any form of art.

Embrace Boredom Most people become bore of the attempts at stimulating an idea. This was never unprecedented. Whenever you face a big challenge or felt stuck in a problem, you start procrastinating. And people start panicking about it and leave it off. This results in more self-doubt. I always end up doing nothing when I approach the problem as a tactic of expressing myself. On the other hand, if you put emphasis on the problem in front of you, you will procrastinate a lot, but after a certain level of boredom, uniqueness kicks in. There struck a unique note on the approach centered on problem-solving. And, voila, you arrive at a solution station...

Learn to embrace your boredom stupid and have faith in bored monkey, as it will spark the magnificent ideas in you. The outcome of a boredom session is either energy plus creativity or some procrastination failure. You should monitor yourself to direct your thinking around the problem when you are running break-free and wild in your thoughts, it is more likely to land you on a stunning solution.

Consume World-Class Content These are days of unlimited digital content consumption, where big companies spend millions of dollars to keep you engaged in consuming more content via means of excellent user experience, push notifications, and many more. So, it is more likely for you to get lost in the storm of a huge amount of content thrown at you. What I suggest is to limit your digital feed to only what contributes to your goal and growth. And after setting your niche, try to find the top minds in your field of interest and learn from their intellect, follow them, learn from their journey. Specify your goal as specific as you can and then reach out to the top-level minds and ignore the noise. It will fill you with essence approaches with proper direction and protect you from utter nonsense.

Regulating your social media feed makes you conscious of the content you are following. Your exploration for the better starts when you realize and accept the situation being stagnant. No growth means the need for a change.

Controlled Imagination As Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" I feel the words more closely. You must not let anything stop you from expanding your imagination. While only in Imagination, you can touch the possibilities of unprecedented realms. A single basic problem can be the cause of great innovations. As history has reflected many times, the vast potential imagination of a being holds. It allows us to peek into certain unexpected dimensions of predictions that are simply unprecedented. You might have been the most knowledgeable guy in the room, but for an unknown problem, the skills required are laid on one's imaginative scope.

To expand the lens of your imagination, you must roam freely in your thoughts, no boundaries to surf, no barriers to hinder, You should keep coming back to the problem after a period, that's what keeps you anchored to your problem. Your roam will be guided and that's why I call it controlled imagination, To be creative, your imagination must be productive and you simply need little control on imagination tours.

Write yourself out The last stop of your creative journey train is Writing. Like to express our pain, we let the emotions out in from of crying. In order to be able to produce a creative piece of content, we must habitualise ourselves with writing it out. Whatever we feel, whatever we experienced and whatever our gut tells us about the situation, try not to memorize it. Be ready to write it out. After letting the valves of certain approaches, you let yourself explore more dimensions of possibilities. New ideas grow, only when there is room for them to grow. Writing the possibilities and chances sparks more creative ideas. Writing yourself out is important to understand yourself. And then you will wreck the problems with your creativity.

Be mindful, Be creative, and be innovative