Equal Chance

We mostly live our lives within a certain limit, where we can confidently walk on and be safe. These small little practices are the indication of our habits of averting the risk. And also, defines the boundaries of our yet-to-exist personality. It's very easy to live up to someone who has never tried anything new, unknown, and fallible. What we do is defined by our thoughts, our thoughts are the outcome of what e consume, what we feed ourselves is affected by the group of people we sit with, and thus, we are destined to defined by the class of people we live with. Our company is a great equalizer for the probable projection of our lives. We can always see the endpoint on our journey, even if it's unknown. There is a feeling of what we become as we go along the road of life, the feeling we can reflect on and question it. And there's a better chance of being on right track, if you periodically introspect the same, "What is this feeling? What is the origin of this feeling? Am I craving this feeling? Am I at peace with not having this feeling? Where does this feeling lead me to? Should I drop this feeling and ponder in new directions?" After all, a human being is a creature of emotion, expression, and intelligence. And we are driven by only emotion many a time, which really hinders the growth of intellect. To do what we desire, we need to assimilate a way around it, check its feasibility, and then drive our way towards it. Every human being is unique and the process of processing the same information is also unique. still, we expect similar results as our companion. We try to define ourselves within the range of other's imaginations. We are an entirely different set of atoms and thus, our limits are very unique, even in the same class of learning.

Learning is governed by factors like speed, vehicle, and traffic.

Speed of Accepting

What is missing from the guide of life, is subtle space for settlement. We are so driven to challenge ourselves at each step of learning and growth, that we forgot to settle the realities in. Every time we hit a puddle or stopped by some new situation, we discover ourselves, either we can work on improving that phase and stop the journey Or we can get past that moment and continue striving for the end-goal. We should only devote time to upskill that phase if its occurrence is frequent or it's a major part of the journey. Otherwise, we can fall to every tit-bits of challenge and waste our energy in conquering that unnecessarily resulting in either deviation or slow down the speed. Accepting the reality to the degree of need is somewhat separates the explorer and wanderers.

Vehicle of unfair advantage

We are blessed with a unique skill set that gives us an unfair advantage over others. Our journey is different, our roadblocks and struggles are different, and our processes to handle the disruption are different, Only because we are different. We grew up in different environments and thus developed different instincts to battle our way up in growth and experiences. These experiences made us so unique that we develop an advantage to tackle the situation, uniquely suitable for us. And we should not succumb our growth to other's life experiences. Do learn from other's mistakes as it will tune your vehicle of unfair advantage.

Traffic of Influence

It is more likely to happen, that you will end up doing the things your companions are doing if you are not cautious about your actions. It may not seem obvious, but if you do not know the road well, you can easily take the wrong turn and end up in the wrong places even before you can recheck. That's how people land in shady places and find it hard to restart the whole journey. This is a difficult job, to really bounce back into the atmosphere after landing into a dense void. And the further journey is more complicated than ever. So, always keep your safety nets ON, your friends with you, your cellphone ON so that your loved ones can reach out to you in the traffic times. You just need to hold on to the voice, to the same road, Traffic is clear ahead, be patient.

What I have discovered is that no matter what or who you are, you can always be in a different situation, either worse or better. But your response to the situation determines your next stage. Otherwise, everyone got an equal chance.