Ducking Risky Thoughts- Risking the obvious projection.

Many times, we thought that if we could've acted differently in that event, the situation would've unfolded in our favor. Or to be specific, If the thought we had was backed by the action, reality would've savored. We, constantly, believe that the future is a scopeless place. Oftentimes, the thought of change is disturbing enough to cancel our thinking about the decision ahead. The discomforting truth and growth of personality knock your doors several times, but we fool ourselves and act deaf to the alarming sense. We are found sleepy and hesitant to accept the bitter reality and ridicule our savior thought, The Risky Thought.

Letting Risky thought roam freely in your decisions opens up the possibilities of solutions. It improves the success ratio of your decisiveness. Certainly, we become vulnerable and more radical thinkers. From the stone age, the trajectory of our lives was solely focused on survival and procreation. And in both cases, we've exercised the great practice of risky thought. To feed and breed, we have to risk survival. The nature of that time was solely to favor the one who risked the normal and dared to progress. Others fall behind and lost in growth. With the evolution of intellect, the nature of time doesn't demand you to risk survival, but even today, time outgrew those who don't entertain risky thoughts. Without continuous growth, you become irrelevant. The whole situation sometimes confides within the great question, i.e., What is the meaning of life? Let us not go into crazy stuff (or out of our interest stuff) SImple way to put forward a theory, I must state the terms of your interests. For example, In a world of exchanges( which is only growing), you must have something valuable to offer, which you can exchange with things/emotions you need/crave. Overall we know, we need fulfillment to assure the smooth running of our lives.

As Naval Ravikant says, you won't go long (wealth, relation.. life) way because your inputs are too closely tied to your outputs.

And we all know this, but ignore the fact. We get alert of this ignorance many a-times when these risky thoughts of discontinuing the passive lifestyle and building an efficient lifestyle. But we shun those risky thoughts. We chose to play it safe. We predict and declare that chances will not be in our favor and so it is a suicide (more or less) to commit to something inexistent and seemingly impossible projection of reality. This then pushes us into the depths and grasps of our comfort zone, which this time hold us captive more strongly until a bigger threat of modern (existential crisis) tickles our senses. And we get another hit of another risky thought, that could potentially take off to rescue us from the never-ending loop of doubt and fear. This cycle is the normal behavior of every human being, who suffers from the threat of becoming irrelevant and who encounters problems cognitively in full control. They always have these risky thoughts, to burn the bridges that keep sending problems repetitively. They seek a permanent and most efficient solution.

Thought is the incipient action. The curve of possibilities splits in the future, you must exercise its thought in present. You cannot optimize reality looking backward. It can only be done by conserving risky thoughts. This whole facade of ineffective approach is bind to us via recessive nature. But by working on the major reasons for this behavior, we might open our doors for those risky thoughts.

Chains of Obviousness: Mirage of Compromise We wound up ourselves into reality and compromise with sloppy situations. We stuck in the mentality of obvious reactions. Whenever we face a situation, we oftentimes deal with it in a regular manner. We never try to optimize the solution and we end up normalizing the response. We never work on our mental muscles to derive more efficient and optimized solutions to our regular problems and develop a habit of obvious shots. And this habit turns us into a captive of obviousness. And then, whenever we have a risky thought to rescue us, we got tricked into the mirage of compromise because that's what we are programmed to do. These chains and hindrances that silence our heroic response must be addressed early in life. Risky thoughts are our savior.

Fear of Failure We also avoid risky thoughts because of fear of failure. We are more threatened by the judgment of others than the actual failure. It's okay to fail, I say, it is necessary to fail. If you are very afraid of judgment, fail in private. It becomes a scary situation when fear of failure stops you from getting started. And we always end up dumping those extraordinary ideas due to the risk associated with them. We focus on the downsides of risks so much that we forgot to check the chances of success. Look forward to this quote:

And what Elon musk says, When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.